"I want to take the time to reach out and let you know just what Ashley has done for me and what she has done for many other women that she has come in contact with. Being featured in SKYN Magazine has touched me deeply. To hear my husband say 'I can't believe my wife is featured in SKYN Magazine' is one of the best compliments I have heard from him. He is really proud of me. She makes me want to reach for more, step outside of my boundaries, claim what I want for myself, and grow into someone made of much more than just her fears and apprehensions. She put me in a position that challenged me to determine what I was made of and what I felt like I deserved." 
- JACQUELINE, Featured Model

"We contacted Ashley via @thehassard instagram and were extremely grateful with her amazing ideas and support of our brand and its causes to help others. We think we got great exposure from SKYN magazine and would love to work again."
- JOHN WRIGHT, Director, Lyfe Watches

"What can I say about Ashley J Hassard? First what a star and a talented model. I’ve worked with Ashley a last weekend on a shoot and I was amazed how professional and talented she is from start to finish. Ashley is lots of fun to work with and brings an amazing vibe to the studio. I highly recommend working with Ashley, because I see a star and I can’t wait working with her again." 
- WILLIAM RIQUELME, Photographer

"Ashley is not only a model, speaker, and life enthusiast, but one of my beautiful good friends inside and out! She is so friendly, smart, positive, fun, and professional! She has lots of experience in many aspects and you can always count on your work with her being amazing!"

"Ashley is the single, most inspirational young woman I have met and have had the privilege to work with. She has a zest for learning, consistently seeking out new challenges to enrich her life and those around her. Ashley was an integral part of the classroom and performed all duties with a high degree of professionalism, consistently showing care and concern when working with students. She is a confident, competent, self directed learner and worker: Ashley is a "Natural" teacher. I strongly believe her positive attitude, exemplary work ethic and enthusiastic personality will allow her to stand out in any future endeavour."
 -HENRI PARKES, Supervisor

"I don’t think I have met anyone more energetic, cheerful, and full of excitement than Ashley Hassard. I worked closely with Ashley on many occasions and observed her leadership abilities, enthusiastic participation and unquenchable desire to do things perfectly. Ashley was a key success to numerous extracurricular activities at Earl Haig, ranging from the United Way Committee to Student Council… she did it all! Ashley “A. Hazard” was no doubt a role model to all students at Earl Haig S.S. and to her community."

"You could use all of the best words in the dictionary synonymous to 'amazing' to describe Ashley Hassard, and still not get the full picture. She is genuinely caring, hard-working, motivational, and simply someone you want on your team. If you can track her down to work with you on a project, you know it will be a big success. This girl is going places." 
- LEILA, Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer at Fitset

"Ashley is probably one of the most outstanding individuals I have met! I first met Ashley when we both became Youth Ambassadors for impossible2Possible, selected to be team members on a running expedition in Bolivia. As we strived to run a marathon everyday, Ashley's determination was quite evident. She never gave up, she pushed herself, and she never settled in the face of adversity. Probably the most noticeable thing about Ashley is her charismatic personality and her work ethic. Ashley always strives to be friends with those around her, and she strives to include everyone. Furthermore, she puts 110% effort into all her work, no matter the situation. If it is organizing an international humanitarian trip, teaching a dance class, giving a presentation, or running 120 miles in Bolivia, Ashely takes pride in her work!"
- RYAN, impossible2Possible Youth Ambassador

"Over the course of the past two years, I had the unique benefit of working alongside Ashley in several capacities. Ashley has been relied on by Me to We's China team to lead diverse groups of students through volunteer service experiences, speech and confidence strengthening workshops, as well as strategic reporting for the expansion of our programs across the country. To state that Ashley has been a beneficial addition to the team in China would be an understatement. Her energy, enthusiasm and leadership qualities have proven to be an unparalleled force that we are so fortunate to have support us. As one of the strongest team players I have had the opportunity to worked with, I do not hesitate for moment in providing Ashley with a strong recommendation to any of the causes she may choose in the future."  - ROB PALMER, Director of Leadership Programs at Me to We

"Ashley Hassard is a remarkably inspiring person to work with. Starting from our early years of studying together, she has been an initiator for change. She works incredibly well with others, is organized, and passionate - making her a successful leader. Over the years, I have seen Ashley use her creativity and plain hard-work to start and complete numerous projects. Her positive attitude and energy makes it a pleasure to work together!"
- LISA, Field Archaeologist at Archaeological Services Inc.




"Ashley was an amazing leader. With her amazing incite and articulate words, she helped me see a different side of my world. She pushed me to share things I've never told anyone, and I greatly appreciate that." 
- JOHN, Student

"I think that Ashley is one of the coolest most driven women I've ever met. She's so inspirational and awesome, and she really helped me learn so much about who I am and what it means to be a leader." 
- JULIA, Student

"I cannot thank Ashley enough for everything she's done for me this week. She is such a kind and caring person, she makes the sessions so interesting and diverse." 
- BETHANY, Student

"Ashley was so easy to talk to, and very easy to open up to. She is so incredible, and such a beautiful person to look up to. She has such a fantastic soul, has touched so many lives, and she's nowhere near done. There is nothing she can't do, and she makes everyone else feel the exact same way. She is the reason we are so passionate and driven,and I want to thank her for for making me realize just what I can do and of how proud I can be of myself." 
- SARA, Student

" What I believe will help me the most as I continue to build on and use my time in India to implement my own change in society is what Ashley helped me to see in myself. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I can’t thank her enough for being so accommodating with everything I shared with her, for making me feel so comfortable and at ease, and for showing me that my voice matters and that people pay attention to what I say." 
- REID, Student Participant
"What I like most about you is how you always come in our classroom with a smile on your face. What I also like most about you is how youre the kind of person who cares about other people and who wants to make a difference in the world." 
- KYLA, Student 

"I thought the speech was very inspiring, entertaining and fun! I really wish that everybody in the school had a chance to attend the workshop because it took everything that I just learned from the speech and made me think about it a bit deeper than I would've before... Thanks to you and Amar's help, a group of students and the we act committee has planned a fundraising event called the 'Ford Drive for change', we will be having a barbecue, car washes and a yard sale as well as allowing people to take a car for a test drive to raise money. Also, coming up in about 2 weeks our school is holding a mini we day, we have guest speakers and games planned for the day and have invited other we act groups from around our city. To get more involved, I am going to stay supporting these awesome events for the remainder of the school year and in the summer will be working to see if I can fundraise for a trip, in September when I am in high school I am going to make sure that I am in their we act group and will be continuously  looking for ways to volunteer in my community to make a difference."
- LUCY, Student Participant

“Thank you for being an amazing, sweet, and caring teacher.”
- ZXAVIER, Student


“You are such a talented teacher and we can’t thank you enough for all your love and guidance and support of our song this year. He LOVES SCHOOL and that is because of you!”
- JEN, Parent of Student

“Vous avez été un prof fantastique: nous avons pu voir notre fils s’épanouir durant le cours de l’année et nous tenons à vous remerciez pour votre excellent travail.”
- NADJI, Parent of Student

“We are so grateful that our son had you as his SK teacher! He adores you and really thrived this year. You have set such a high standard for all future teachers in his life. Thank you!”
- MICHELLE, Parent of Student

”Oh my goodness. Where would we be without you? Your endless concern, compassion, efforts and wisdom are so greatly appreciated. You’ve helped our son to become a better little human - we truly believe that! Thank you, and we wish you the best summer. Our endless gratitude for being the best SK teacher ever!”
- PAMELA, Parent of Student