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The Get Real Movement Ambassador

As someone who's lived through it all, I can say first hand growing up is tough. It's even tougher when you don't have a support system. That's why I absolutely love the
@getrealmovement and all that they do. Using the power of real stories from real people they provide youth and adults with a powerful and resonating education on the impact of language surrounding LGBTQ+ discrimination. - Because we've all been there, we all know someone who's been there, and we all have the power to lift our voices and change the game.

For this moment I was encouraged to write something that I'd wnat my 7th grade self to hear. Something meaningful, something heartfelt, and something impactful. It's funny because hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back there are definitely a million different things I wish I had known, but had I known them, I probably would have never become the person I am today, someone who has not only survived, but who has thrived. Regardless of the hardships I became exactly the kind of person I always wanted to be, and so when it came to thinking of what to tell my younger self, that was what stood out most. 

To get your story heard and to join the movement email jordan@thegetrealmovement.comand 


Porsche Sport Driving School Influencer

I grew up watching Fast and the Furious, but I never actually dreamed that my life would become it. Sure I had blasted Rhianna's "Shut up and Drive" while closely skimming the speed limit down the DVP, but let's be real, other than the risky notes I was hitting, there really wasn't anything exciting about that. My car was always too big, the road was always too short, and these dang little things called traffic lights always kept getting in my way. It was looking like I'd never get the chance to live out my inner Vin Diesel dreams. That is until Porsche Cars Canada invited me to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and offered me the experience of a life time - a chance to drive some of their top sports cars at ultimate speeds! 

The Life Enthusiast in me obviously seized the opportunity, and that's how I found myself here: 60 minutes outside of Toronto, in the middle of an empty course amongst some of the best driving professionals in the world about to unleash my inner speed demon. 

I'll be real, the experience was more than a little bit scary. I'd never driven such a nice car before, and I definitely had never been allowed to drive one so fast on any sort of closed circuit course, but with some fantastic instruction from the Porsche Sport Driving School and a whole lot of encouragement from the Porsche Cars Canada specialists, I was able to buckle up, rev my engines, and live out my biggest racing dreams! 

© Jordan Lenssen

Brave T.O. Participant

Supporting my local community is what I'm all about, and that's why when I was invited to participate in the Canadian Tire Brave T.O. on September 24th I jumped at the challenge! With my shoes laced up and a pocket full of courage I stepped onto the Brave T.O. course to test my strength against some of Toronto's amazing first responders. Inspired by some of the fierce challenges that police, paramedics, and firefighters have to face on the daily, the Brave T.O. course took me on a 5km journey through Morningside Park where I dragged tires, climbed beams, and crawled through tunnels. The beauty of it all wasn't just that it was a heck of a lot of fun, but that it also helped raise funds for the Scarborough Hospital Foundation allowing them to gain generous support for medical equipment and capital projects. What blew me away the most though was the incredible community I discovered while running next to some of these courageous men and women. With boundless energy, seemingly effortless strength, and a whole lot of heart cheering each other on, I saw these brave and selfless individuals band together to become what is by far one of the most uplifting communities I have seen to date. It really was such a privilege to be able to run beside them! 

Youth Advocate

My role as a youth advocate came about by choice, not chance. After working with thousands of youth for nearly a decade I realized that there was a growing niche for community  mentors who not only represented youth, but who empowered them as well. Working closely with a wide array of youth from across the country I decided to specialize in providing one-on-one guidance that caters to issues that matter most to youth: leadership development, self-esteem enhancement, project management, volunteer placement, and opportunity attainment. My overall mission is simple, to not only provide youth the tools that they need to succeed, but the confidence and opportunities to help them live out their dreams. 

Co-Founder / Account Manager

Creative Demand

As a multidisciplinary creative agency located in Toronto, Ontario, Creative Demand Co. combines the unique expertise of our team members to provide clients with the services necessary to advance their brand. As Co-Founder and Account Manager I am responsible for bringing in new talent and forging long-term relationships with collaborating partners that include clients, talent, brands, locations, and resources. In addition, I specialize in forming brand strategies with corporate brands and individuals


SKYN Magazine

SKYN Magazine is an online lifestyle and culture magazine from Toronto, Canada that aims to provide jaw dropping, mind blowing, visuals.

Our sensual take on pop culture is constantly in pursuit of all things exceptional in both human form and creative. Whether it’s music, entertainment, fashion, girls, or living,  we pride ourselves on curating beautifully crafted content that isas inspiring as it is empowering for both our readers and our contributors.

Acting as Editor-in-Chief for SKYN Magazine I am responsible from everything form reviewing submitted content, dealing directly with clients and contributors, securing sponsorship and partnerships with local as well as international brands, curating interviews, and coordinating exclusive coverage.


Motivational Speaker and Leadership Facilitator

Free the Children

As a Motivational Speaker and Leadership Facilitator for Me to We, I specialize in delivering engaging, educational, and inspiring speeches based around youth empowerment as well as leadership and social justice workshops that revolve around experiential education. Our approach to empowerment involves facilitating activities and modules that allow young people, groups, and individuals to learn about social justice issues, leadership skills, and utilize the deliberate skill of action planning to make a positive long- term impact on the world. 

This year, I spent my time dedicated towards educating youth about the importance of food security and the realities of hunger in our world. The tour spanned 8 months, reached 6 different provinces, and impacted 22,214 youth nationwide.

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Seasonal Trips Facilitator

Me to We

As a Trips Facilitator for Me to We I specialize in delivering engaging, educational, and inspiring leadership

and social justice camps and workshops that revolve around experiential education, and place a strong emphasis on leadership development, geography, education on global citizenship, character education, and service learning. Specializing in leading trips to Kenya, China, and Nicaragua. 

Youth Ambassador 


In 2011 I was selected as a Youth Ambassador for impossible2Possible, an incredible non-profit organization that creates and delivers innovative experiential learning programs to students of all ages.

Seizing the opportunity to inspire youth to reach beyond their perceived limits I traveled with a team of 5 youth ambassadors to Bolivia where we used adventure as a medium to inspire, motivate, and empower youth worldwide.

As a Youth Ambassador leading social and environmental action I interacted with over 16,000 students worldwide via live satellite while facilitating interactive learning modules.

Currently acting as impossible2Possible Youth Ambassador and alumni, I specialize in giving presentations engaging youth to seek meaningful ways to make positive change while encouraging teachers to utilize the benefits of outdoor based learning.


Occasional Teacher

Toronto District School Board

Throughout every experience I have had be it local, international, individual or with a group, I have learned that we as future educators have the ability to change the world. Within every one of us, there is a driving force, a passion, and an ability to share our gifts, acquired knowledge, and skills with those around us. I believe that it is our privilege as teachers to improve the world around us, and to inspire students to do the same. 

As an occasional teacher for the Toronto District School Board I try to utilize this passion for education to install a life-long love of learning that transcends the classroom walls.

Lead Educational Facilitator

Smile Angel Foundation

As a Beijing-based charity that specializes in helping Chinese children born with cleft and lip palates, the SmileAngel Foundation prides itself on improving the lives of CLP children and their families.

During July 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the SmileAngel Foundation as the Lead Educational Facilitator for their 2013 SmileAngel Summer Camp in Beijing. 

Leading daily self-esteem and leadership workshops, I worked closely with the young Chinese participants who had been directly affected by cleft and lip palates. As Lead Facilitator for this one week long summer camp I was responsible for developing and delivering daily programming, coordinating volunteers, and collaborating with Chinese translators to deliver a bilingual experience that was both fun and educational.

Destination Staff


Working as seasonal staff at S-Trip! - Canada's Largest Student Travel Company 

Responsible for managing, chaperoning, and coordinating groups of 100+ high school and university students as they embark on national and international travel opportunities.

Develop on-going positive relationships with event organizers, student passengers, hotel management, and account managers.  

Maintain a safe and fun environment for student travelers.


Project: Ghana

Acted as director and founder of 'Project: Ghana', a group of student volunteers from across Ontario who participated in an international service learning trip to Ghana in May, 2012.  Was responsible for an exceptional team of youth volunteers who traveled to rural West Africa to volunteer at a local children's home and teach at one of the only free schools in the nation. Project: Ghana encouraged, motivated, and inspired university students to step outside of their comfort zones and take action towards applying the knowledge and skills acquired in university practically towards an international volunteer developmental program. 


Camp Counselor 

Olympia Sports Camp

Maintained personal responsibility for cabins of campers aged 5-18 and acted as Head of AV at one of Canada's most dynamic live-in outdoor sports camps. Providing support and encouragement to children learning to excel in sports, as well as in life, I empowered and facilitated "inner balance" based performance. Taking a focus on outdoor based education and mentorship I specialized in encouraing self confidence, skill level growth, and overall sense of self in a dynamic upbeat environment.


Team Lead

Learning it Together 

During my time at Western University I spent much of my time acting as appointed Team Leader for Learning it Together (LiT), a dynamic, volunteer-driven health promotion program that aims to improve early literacy, numeracy, and healthy living skills through mentorship and role modeling. As Executive Team Leader I was in charge of providing structure and organization for a team of 15-20 volunteers and their student "buddies". Specializing in providing both one-on-one and group leadership towards inner city youth in the London community, I executed, planned, and supervised fun education lessons  promoting healthy living for Canadian youth. Essentially I acted as a lead mentor for children aged 6-11, as well as for university student volunteers aged 18-22.