Instagram. Facebook. Snapchat. We all know them and the amazing impact they've had on this current generation. With so many people plugged in on the daily, the impact of influencer marketing is huge right now. 

Let me help you get your products, services, and experiences the exposure they deserve! 



As a model, teacher, motivational speaker, and life enthusiast, I pride myself on having a strong and reputable personal brand that inspires as much as it empowers.

Having spent the past year working diligently growing my own social platform along with those of numerous clients and affiliates, I've seen first hand the positive impact that can come from meaningful social marketing and proper branding. With so many people plugged in on the daily, the impact of influencer and social marketing is huge and it's my job to help you tap into that. 


Adobe Suite | Web Design | Branding | Styling | Creative Direction | Management | Photography 



At the moment my own personal network stands at 41.7k followers, with over 254,400 impressions a week. It's neat because as the network grows I've found that so does the engagement, community involvement, and impact. Through my own community service as well as through the SKYN network I've been able to reach out and speak to thousands of people nation wide about a wide variety of issues, topics, and causes. I honestly never expected I'd be able to make such an impact, but lo-and-behold, here we are, and I couldn't be more grateful. Now I find myself coaching others on self-confidence, career development, and self esteem, managing social marketing, and acting as a national ambassador for some pretty neat brands such as Skechers, Spareparts, Blu-dot beverages, Jean Machine, and Hakim Optical to name a few. 


I don't regram. I create. 

Forget regramming old content, I specialize in taking your product and lifting it to new heights through creating customized content that speaks directly to your audience. 

It's not just about creating content, it's about creating a strong brand identity, a branded community, and brand loyalty. It's not just about posting content, it's about posting content that's going to resonate, entice, and engage your target market ensuring that you don't just gain followers, you actually gain customers. 

Having worked on the front lines of Digital Marketing for over 3 years now I know first hand what it takes not just to grow a brand's digital presence, but to see it thrive. 










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Marketing Clients, Affiliates, & Networks




what they say

"It's always a pleasant experience working with the team at SKYN Magazine. They're always a step ahead of me when executing any promotional work and features. The impact that they make as a publication is directly in line with why business at LD WEST is booming, and it's why I keep putting projects in their hands"
- Luis Marin, Public & Client Relations, LD West.

"Working with SKYN has been great. Eames and Ashley did an awesome shoot with our product. We will keep sending over pieces for review due to the quality of the press release + quality of content we received back to reuse." 
- Zaid McGovern, Marketing Spinnaker Watches, 

"We contacted Ashley via instagram and were extremely grateful with her amazing ideas and support of our brand and its causes to help others. We think we got great exposure from SKYN magazine and would love to work again."
- John Wright, Director, Lyfe Watches

"You could use all of the best words in the dictionary synonymous to 'amazing' to describe Ashley Hassard, and still not get the full picture. She is genuinely caring, hard-working, motivational, and simply someone you want on your team. If you can track her down to work with you on a project, you know it will be a big success. This girl is going places." 
- LEILA, Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer at Fitset

"Over the course of the past two years, I had the unique benefit of working alongside Ashley in several capacities. Ashley has been relied on by Me to We's China team to lead diverse groups of students through volunteer service experiences, speech and confidence strengthening workshops, as well as strategic reporting for the expansion of our programs across the country. To state that Ashley has been a beneficial addition to the team in China would be an understatement. Her energy, enthusiasm and leadership qualities have proven to be an unparalleled force that we are so fortunate to have support us. As one of the strongest team players I have had the opportunity to worked with, I do not hesitate for moment in providing Ashley with a strong recommendation to any of the causes she may choose in the future."  - ROB PALMER, Director of Leadership Programs at Me to We


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Let's face it, creating and innovating is a full time job. Now try to imagine creating, innovating, AND showcasing!
Now, that's just silly. Then again, so is doing all that hard work and not being able to show it off to the world.

That's where I come in.

Let me take on the "humble brag" for you. Whether it's honoring your existing partnerships, showcasing what you're doing or helping you attract new great things to do, there's plenty that can come from having a curated digital front, and I'm here to help make make it possible. 



  • Showcase current athletes

  • Generate Qualified Leads

  • Optimize social media use

  • Attract Good/New Talent

  • Share Current Content

  • Create New Content

  • Generate Brand Awareness



I work in GLOWS and GROWS - so GLOWS, things you’re already doing great at, and GROWS, things that could be improved, or areas I could see you growing from


  • How clean the bio is: I love how and concise your instagram bio is - makes for clean, easy reading

  • Highlights: I LOVE that you’re utilizing the ‘Highlights’ on instagram - great way to showcase key posts

  • Separate highlighted sports: The fact that you’ve got different segments that separate the sports

  • Location in check: You’ve figured out how to put up the location

  • #’s: You’re utilizing the #MadeInTheMatrix hashtag a lot, which is great for having an “easy find” on IG for those looking for all the The Athlete Matrix.

  • Your Logo: Love the logo - It’s clean and really professionally done. A lot of companies forget to put it in the bio-picture but you did and that’s awesome

  • Website in Bio: Simple but easy way to generate clickthroughs

  • The Mastery Camp Profiles: LOVE how you showcased who was going to be at Mastery Camp and used the swipe through abilities to plug the creative ads in

  • 1-a-days: It seems like for a while in December you were doing 1 a days, which is awesome! 1 a days really help your page seem relevant, up to date, and current. It also increases daily engagement, tipping the algorithm odds in your favour

  • STORY SCRIPT: You’re posting info on the stories, having calls to action, and inviting other athletes and teams to join.

  • THE VOICE: One great thing is that you’ve already developed a strong voice that is as appealing to those participating (students/athletes) as it is to those paying for the programming (predominantly parents). It’s fun yet educational, and really has a vibe all unto itself.


  • Fix the site: When I tried to search up The Athlete Matrix I couldn’t help but notice that the site’s down. - it wont load and there seems to be a broken link somewhere, that’s not so great for business, trying figuring out what’s wrong on the backend here and let me know what you find

  • #’s: While you’re using a lot of great in-house hashtags, you’re not using a lot of other ones that might help people find you, ex. #Athlete, #Training, #AthleticTrainingCentre. There are a couple, but you could easily ad in a slew more in a followup comment that would let people find you more easily.

  • Highlight Cover Pages: A big part of looking professional is giving the illusion of organization and uniformity (think team uniforms). Your IG should be just as organized visual as your athletes are. So when it comes to posting segmented highlight albums, give each an album cover/face that reflects what’s inside but matches the collection around it. ) I know you’ve got this a bit on your ‘Reids workouts’ page but even those cover photos look rather basic. Don’t underestimate the power of strong fonts and simple but tailored creatives.

  • More Community Comments: I notice you’ve got some solid high-caliber athletes training at your fascility, some of them comment on your posts (WHICH IS AWESOME) but a bunch of them don’t. The more credible people you can have visibly engaging with your page and offering endorsements the better. Even if it’s just a thumbs up or an emoji, the fact that they’re visibly showing their alliance with you is HUGE. Try to monopolize on that a bit more. Private Engagement groups are fantastic at bringing all your top athletes/members/coaches/etc together in a private instagram message group, and allowing them a space where they can each post their most recent post and encourage others in the group to go and like it or comment on it. The idea is every time someone posts in the group all those in it are expected/asked to comment or like the photo posted, and in turn, those commenting will have those people they commented on return the favour when their next post comes around.

  • RE-GRAMMING: I noticed you re-gram a lot of content from affiliates pages. This is totally cool and a common practice, but one thing I’d recommend doing is enabling the help of an app such as “Repost” which allows you to download the video or image directly from the other persons page and repost it on your own without that annoying little white “reposted” box in the corner. Of course you’d always credit where it came from in the caption, but removing that little telling box just makes you seem a bit more official.

  • STORY FONT: It seems like you’re sticking with IG’s basic font for a lot of the posts. While that’s totally cool, and is totally fine to do, check out some of their other font preferences, there are a lot of options that might help you posts look just a little less basic.

  • UTILIZE STORY FEATURES: Polls, surveys and questionnaires are one of IG’s newest features and ones that a lot of influencers are really

getting started.jpg

Rumour has it the hardest step to take is the first. Well then, I guess it's a good thing we have a game plan. Starting from the bottom I'll comb through every piece of your digital footprint ensuring you've got a professional online presence you can be proud of. 

As the industry leaders in differentiated market success, it's important that The Athlete Matrix and Reid’s Workouts not only look innovative, but are. 


From developing your page layout to currating blog posts, my job is to handle all the day-to-day tasks involved in maintaining a strong digital presence so that you don't have to. 

Over the course of our time together I'll:

  • Develop strategic media plans

  • Set benchmarks and goals that exceed targets

  • Curate new as well as previously developed content

  • Outline potential opportunities

  • Enlist influencer marketing

  • Curate and maintain a strong social presence

  • Engage your audience through direct interactions and messages

  • Promote The Athlete Matrix’s services and opportunities to ensure that social engagement translates into real time consumers


Beginning with organic content creation, I'd spend the first week researching both your own company as well as your competitors and laying the foundation to allow us to develop a complete a comprehensive collection of curated material. Baselining our social presence and figuring out where it is we lie on the current social sphere is what I would focus on. Whether it's retroactively creating blog posts, curating new graphic content, or simply reorganizing what's already up there - I'd make sure that The Athlete Matrix and Reid’s Workouts are set not only to have a unique professional look, but also a unique professional voice.

We'd document current analitical standings, listen to current sentiment on how The Athlete Matrix and Reid’s Workout’s is being referenced by others, get smart on the competition, actively identify our clients and prospects, and identify content opportunities, formulating a fool proof plan to really help launch us into the digi-sphere. 

This whole process would take about a week and would involve a series of meetings ensuring that diginal objectives with corporate align. We'd define initiatives, set objectives and goals, and justify social media through corporate goal alignment. Success is all about how you define it so we'd spend this week working on defining how we'd see success, and strategizing ways to make it happen. 


The second week would then be devoted to getting to know and highlighting the professionals that you have. Whether it be through emails, bench chats, coffee dates, fast and easy headshots sessions, one-on-one interviews that could be turned into "Get to Know Us" posts, or collecting some of their quick and dirty athlete tips to put together "Top 5 Tips". The aim of Week 2 would be to really integrate into the community that is The Athletic Matrix and ensure that the spotlight isn't just being on what you do, but also on who exactly does it.  We’d also collect all our key players social information at this point and begin ensuring that not only is our community publicly connected, but privately too (private engagement groups are great secret weapons for ensure each post gets the digital love it deserves by those who really want to help support it).


Week 3 would be all about oganizing the social troops. Whether that was figuring out exactly what voice we were going to use to tell our stories or finding some part-time contributors internally who might be able to help us add relevant and interesting content. Taking our collected thoughts from the past two weeks and putting pen to paper (or keys to keyboard), we'd take this time to begin creating content and assembling our virtual portfolio. Content opportunities would be noted, and posts, and emails would be formally written and scheduled. 

Week 4 is where we step into action! This week is all about content, content, content. Posting like mad, creating like crazy, and engaging like it's nobody's business, we'd take this week to jump into action and really let our Athlete Matrix presence be digitally known. Now that we've got our image polished, posts updated, and have found our groove, it's time for us to get out there. We'd send DM's to prospective athletes & clients, we'd recognize past ones, we'd do considerable outreach, submit some of our curated blog pieces to local publication, and reach out to relevant podcasts/papers/press (never underestimate the power of great press, especially for social growth).  


To help infuse an initial social boost what I'd probably do is begin by making a couple individual posts on my own personal account (@TheHassard). With a 41.7k following the exposure is fairly high, the engagement strong, and the select audience already hits a large target market you're trying to reach (fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, high achievers, and ambitious entrepreneurs). I'd begin with a series of Instagram story posts and polls testing the market to gage reaction and interest, and from there would take that response and turn it into a series of proper posts to ensure lasting impressions. Each post and story would include a direct link with click-through abilities ensuring you and your brand receive ultimate exposure. 

We’d also put out an “ask” to all your major social players (and not-quite-as-major-yet ones too) to do the same. As you guys totally get, personal endorsements are the way to go, and definitely worth their weight in gold. Optimize the network you already have by having them draw eyes for you. If you curate the content right, most people are happy to make the plug and starting off with that kind of exposure is a great way to turbo boost your page's platform and allows you to get an immediate jumpstart at no extra cost. 


Exclusive video content is a huge 'X' Factor in the industry, one that you happen to have a lot of in stock. As such, I’d recommend maximizing what you’ve got and milking it for all it’s worth. Whether it’s through general postings, story postings, or even, further down the line in youtube postings. I would recommend diving into that hard and tailoring a series of your longer videos for youtube where we could showcase the workouts, interviews, and highlights properly, as well as shorter 1 minute compressed versions (if you have them) for facebook and 30 second ones for instagram. 

I'd personally love to see a Narcity approach taken to the stories where interesting articles or clips from videos are highlighted in a fun and captivating way. 

They're simple, easy to create, would drive fast traffic towards your site/videos, and, as it turns out, are hardly being used by any of the competition. 

Utilizing these social tools, as well as the updated instagram polls, tips or tricks, or "ask us anything" buttons we can easily interact and engage with the fitness community in a fun way that not only gets eyes, but get's interaction. 

It's on these stories that you can also include more "disposable content" such as mini-features on in-house Athletes, New Coaches , etc. Things you wouldn't want to post on the actual page, but that would still like to acknowledge. (Here would be a great "5 Fun facts about the Athlete Matrix" section, or you could expand to do trusted partner reviews or recommendations that could relate to further holistic marketing you do, leveraging your social platform for more B to B partnerships.

Being heavily spread on social media will not only help you present that which you are in a visual manner but will also allow you to engage with the community more potentially brokering influencer contracts with influencer athletes or other sport brands in exchange for content to promote them on your site, thus increasing your own social reach by tenfold.

Learn about being more than an athlete copy.jpg


GRHPT Off-Season TRAINING (Hockey Training)

  • Preparatory Program

  • Off Season Program

  • Combines

Volleyball Off Season Training

  • Volleyball Strength and Movement Classes

  • Small Group Training

  • Private Training

Private Training/Small Group Training

  • Offer complimentary Assessment and Consultation

Team Training

  • Offer 1 free demo workout and tour of the facility

Athlete Performance Training (any sport)

This is a new program - it would be athletes from any sport that want to train with the Matrix coaches. There will be time-slots the athletes can drop in and be lead by coaches and perform their individualized workout program

  • classes

  • small group training

  • private training

performance_1 copy.jpg

Initial Thoughts:

  • Go holistic. One of the biggest strengths about your facility is that you really seem to take a holistic perspective towards creating not just great athletes, but great people. Roll with this! Most people are constantly striving for self improvement as it is, and if you can really make them not only perform better, but feel better and be better you’re absolutely good to go. You’re more than a sports facility - you’re a life betterment facility, turning people into all that they can be.

    • Milk this for all it’s got by offering free/optional PD sessions for athletes that train at your centre - Positive psychology, sports psychology, nutrition, etc. whatever you think might interest them. It can be led by your own internal staff or by externals you bring in, but having things they can do to better their mind as well as their body will make them feel valued and help them become stronger and better individuals in general, which will add to their overall performance as athletes.

    • People always want to have a sense of purpose to, so don’t be afraid to organize community/athlete outings for giveback. Whether it’s volunteering at the local boys and girls club, or cooking once a season at a food kitchen, a lot of people really want to give back but don’t know where to start and it’s proven that people bond more over team driven activities - taking the emphasis off the sports for a second could help them bond on a personal level, which will translate to the field/arena as well.

    • Triple bonus, it’s an easy way to gain great free press for the facility. People love to post when they’re doing good for the world and newspapers and blogs love to cover good news stories by local community members. If they just so happen to be from your facility, and they just so happen to print that you guys are the ones who brought them all together you’ve just gained a whole bunch of free great press that shows your athletes, current and prospective, that you’re more than just a training facility.

  • Use the hook of free trials. You’re already doing this which is great, but pump it up even more. This is your golden hook for new clients, as it not only allows you the chance to help existing teams thrive but it provides you with the opportunity to potentially swipe great players/athletes and provided them with better opportunities that will allow them not just to grow, but to flourish

  • Target your audience. For this one I’d start targeting anyone who plays sports across Ontario - sounds silly, but it’ll work

  • Sweep the gram. If you’re doing this over social media, find people who use #’s that apply to the sports you can help #VolleyballPlayer #Hockey #Training #Athlete #Champs etc.

    • Once you find those have your social media captain take the time to lure em - that can be through a series of direct ‘likes’, liking their posts consecutively (6 likes in a row tends to get people’s attention and peak their curiosity), or shooting them a DM saying that they look like they have a lot of potential and you’d love to help them reach that next level. You offer them a free complimentary intro training session as a hook, even if you offer those anyways, people always feel special being offered something they know has a value for free and odds are they probably will be so excited they wont notice that that’s actually pretty standard practice

    • If they’re posting that they won try commenting under the shot or sending a DM like “Looks like you’re on a roll, we’d love to help you keep that winning streak going.” and just see what happens.

    • Support those in the athletic community. Community support is huge these days and everyone is all about posting words of encouragement. Use this to your advantage by engaging with community members who are doing great things and encouraging them to keep it up. Even if it’s your direct competition, if it’s shown that you guys are looking like the bigger person, being supportive, and leading by example, you’ll stand out as an industry leader by a mile - one that isn’t scared of competition but who embraces it (besides, you already know you’re the best so why compete)

  • Tag Those Friends. Utilize the “Tag a friend who needs to see this” hook - a lot of people use it with motivational quotes, funny memes, or useful information. Encourage engagement from your audience, and generate more leads while you do it.

    • Some also use this as an avenue to do giveaways - whether it’s simple Matrix swag, a free trial, a fitness photoshoot or something more. Ex. Tag 3 friends for your chance to win.

  • Tag the teams. Use the tags yourself to flag your posts for prospective partners/athletes/teams. Just like tagging a friend can help draw someones attention to what you do, same goes for you actually tagging the high schools/sports teams you know. Tag people on them, tag the schools themselves, take the time to figure out not just who prospective clients would be but who the noisemakers are. While you’ve definitely already got a full house, more attention also means more clout, more clout means better reputation, and so then even if all you’re looking to do is boost the awareness in the community to secure future influence, you’ll be able to get it easily.

  • Take Guidance. Message guidance counsellors. Sounds silly, but guidance counsellors have a lot of influence over the kids they’re working with, and a lot of kids take what they say as gospel.

    • Email high school & university guidance counsellors and coaches and explain what you do - pitch yourself as you are, a place that can really help take athletes to the next level - a lot of kids are looking to get into school sports or get a sports scholarship, if the people who are helping guide them know you’re a viable and respectable option that can actually help them develop their skills enough to 1) make it pro 2) earn a scholarship 3) or even just play on a varsity team, they’re going to recommend you - and if they do that, the kids (and parents) are bound to take it seriously.

    • I’d also maybe consider putting together a PD day for them where you offer the opportunity for local high school physical education teachers or guidance counsellors to come in and try out a class where they can help hone their coaching and leadership skills - if you brand the coaches you brand the team

  • Influence your life. Never underestimate the power of influencers. They’re definitely not the be end and end all, but they do help spread the word quickly and help hit direct markets. Find local influencers in your area that are willing to exchange workouts for posts. Maybe they’re getting a couple hour training sessions a week, maybe it’s a free pass to drop in on small group training - either way, it’s cheaper than paying them to post on their page and you actually generate much more authentic content and relationships this way

    • Often influencers who are bonded with will just continue to post for free, further propelling your exposure and influencer

    • For samples of this check out @bodybychosen

  • Go old school. Flyers might be old fashioned, but put em in the right place and they totally work. Community centre bulletin boards, school’s info centres or offices, local gyms, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of the paper and help appeal to those who may not be quite so tech savvy

  • Get in on the merch game. Don’t underestimate the power of branded merchandise. While I’ve seen you with some on your page for your teams, don’t be afraid to expand into sweaters, pants, water bottles, etc. I’m not sure if you already have this or not, but if you don’t it’s a quick and easy way to spread awareness of the brand with people who then become little brand ambassadors. Just make sure the quality of what you’re selling/giving out is there as otherwise they won’t wear it.

  • Back it with Science. There are definitely a ton of scientific articles out there that back what you guys are doing. Don’t be afraid to showcase them by putting links to them in your stories. It takes the swipe up function to do, but once you have it post teasers of the articles that can draw people to it. Even if the article is kind of dry, if your link page is fun and exciting with great images, a catchy title hook, and gifs to make them laugh or relate, they’ll be peaked much more instantly.

  • Rep it up. I’m not sure if you have reps yet, but I’d recommend inviting one athlete from every school that you know to come for a specific rep training session. You show them what it’s all about, how it works, and what it can offer athletes, and then use them to develop a proper referral program with rewards/kickbacks/bonuses for anyone who brings in new athletes. That way they do the ground work for you, spread the word, help link people they know with opportunity, all while getting a little kickback.

  • Head to the finals. Have a rep or coach or two come out to the final games/tournaments for the appropriate sports in the region. Maybe have them set up a free water station, or a towel station, or whatever. Just some sort of peace offering. Make sure they’re social and encourage them to develop a relationships with the athletes. You’re never going to find such a concentrated target audience, so you might as well take advantage of it. Have them drop the name of the program wherever they can, and when teams lose, approach them with the suggestion of coming down if they want to step their game up for next year. If they are after winning, the losing will bother them and they’ll be looking for their next secret weapon, that’ll be you guys. If they win you can take the angle that if they want to hold their new/current ranking, they’ll have to plan ahead, and the only way to do that is not to lose what they have right now. Help them keep what they’ve worked so hard for by encouraging them to come in to train at your facility.

    • BONUS: Being at these events will allow you the opportunity to livestream from them, tag the event itself, #the players, etc. which will most likely generate even more eyes from those that were there participating in it all.



What They’re Doing/Did Great:

  1. They stuck to a theme (for a while)

    • For a while inseams that Mettle Sport Training was actually into this whole branding thing

      • They posted similarly framed content

      • They kept some organization going with it all (position/location of quotes in the overall page composition)

2. They stayed on trend.

  • Keeping on top of what’s trending is a big thing not just to help keep you relevant amongst those already following, but to help you generate new followers who might be searching up relevant posts to whatever might be trending now.

    • Motivational Quotes for example, always have been, and always will be someone, somewhere’s cup of tea + the quotes that they did post were relatable to their followers and athletes both on a personal and professional level.

    • The “Egg” post they made was a great sample of how they took something that was trending and turned it into their own, relavent substance. That one was from Easter I believe when people were searching up #Eggs #Easter #EasterEggs - but could have been equally just as relevant with the #InstaEgg that became famous recently for surpassing some stupid amount of likes.

    • Same goes for Mettle and Chill - it’s a relevant and tongue in cheek reference to a term/brand that a lot of young people are using today. It’s easily recognizable, and can be turned into an actual centre “term” pretty easily.

    • Under each of these they then utilized whatever fad it was to Segway into something that actually meant something to them - it was a cheeky way to get eyes, and it worked.

3. They honoured their own.

  • With training teams being a part of their job it only seems natural that they post some shots of them

  • They took the time to show their teams looking (relatively) unified and with some sort of success - all kids were smiling and looking like they really belonged, which is what a lot of kids will probably be joining your club for (* a sense of belonging is a huge driving force for young adults and adolescents) and parents always like to see their kids getting along well with others, so it pulls at their heartstrings as well.

I also like…

  • That they tried to use IGTV (a highlight “channel” kind of like a youtube channel that allows you to upload longer content - more like an actual TV channel)

  • That they have an Ask us Anything highlight, allowing and inviting more engagement from their followers.

  • That there’s a clear email info/contact info highlight to make for easy contact (although there is already this function on IG so it’s kind of redundant)

  • They took the time to highlight individual players who were doing really well in their field and gave a bit of a backstory, making them more relatable and explaining who they are, what happened, how they helped them, and where they are now.

  • They promo their “Crash Courses” with teasers on subject matter that will be talked about and tips that will be divulged

  • Their head coach’s page is pretty legit - take a look at how he uses creative designs to keep his page looking professional and organized.

Clear Things They Missed:

  • They haven’t posted since November of last year

  • They tried to use the IGTV function with a cool chalkboard explanation video, but they don’t really clearly state who they are or what they do until the end. It’s a 3:36 second video that just kind a describes symptoms before it even tells you what it’s trying to fix, how it can be done and who’s going to do it (them). No one will sit through that whole thing just to find out what they’re name or vision is. They should have done it backwards - in shorter spurts, and will clear, concise and digestible titles.

  • They don’t tag their players (perhaps this is due to confidentiality/student safety… you’ll have to look into this)

  • They didn’t unify their highlights logos


What They’re Doing/Did Great:

  1. They ran with a theme

    • They really went with a visible theme and ran with it.

    • While not quite all of their posts fall in line with the green and black branded content, a whole shlew of them do, and that allows for a more unified, professional appearance for their company as a whole

2. They really maximized the swipe through.

  • There’s a feature on IG that lets you post multiple photos on the same post, much like an “album”. The idea is that it’s a way for you to upload up to 10 photos or videos that go together.

    • Capital Strength TS figured this out and utilized it as a way to tell a bit of a story with their “cover photo” being their relevant branded cover creative, and with the proceeding shots in the post being relevant videos, or informal pictures that help them showcase what they’re trying to showcase, or say what they’re trying to say.

    • This is a dope hack to post content taken/created by others on your team - athletes, therapists, trainers, coaches - that might be great, informative, or relevant, but that might not be on par with the quality of your other material

3. They Showcased the life out of their team

  • Whether it was their trainers, their clients, or their coaches, they really took the time to showcase those working both with and for them.

  • They not only profiled them with pictures of who they were, but they took the time to appeal to what they did, what brought them here, and how they fit into the Capital Strength community.

  • They also happened to maximize on how the swipe-through works to tell these tales, stuck to a uniform colour scheme/pallet with the posts, and told the highlighted individuals stories well with lots of words, good breaks, and fun yet appropriately limited use of emojis.

  • +Bonus. They appropriately used hashtags, and incorporated not just branded hashtags for search-abilities sake and organization, but general ones to generate new leads.

I also like…

  • They have “segments” like MONDAYS with MA$E where they have their coaches do little specials

  • They’ve got really steady camera work on their video posts

  • They show examples of before & after - ex. corrected behaviour/posture for athletes

  • They’ve got merch for sale.

  • They used to highlight quotes from their members/athletes with their MEET THE FAMILY segments.

Clear Things They Missed:

The haven’t posted in a while.

  • They break character, posting rogue photos in between their branded shots that look a little out of place


  • Noticed the change. Great work! Checked out what you’re doing on Reid’s workouts - Great work funnelling out so much content! I love the initiative and the effort is totally paying off. You’re tagging people (awesome!), you’re adding in engaging videos (cool!), you’re showing champ highlights of wins (great!), you’re plugging in team training ads, and incorporating testimonials (huge!). Amazing work! It’s a huge step up from what we’ve seen before and the effort is really showing!

    • If you have the ability to do polls or questionnaires definitely try adding those in, if not, don’t worry, the update should come as you continue to engage

    • Try playing around with the fonts - this is something that you should be able to do right now as it. There are a couple different fonts to play with, and while some are a bit weird (the cursive) the italic bold would be a great fit for you guys and would just help add that more modern flare.


  • Let’s organize. Shoot me over a schedule with some key dates/timelines so we can program and plan in appropriate postings. Key dates I’m looking for: when certain sports seasons start, when they typically end, when are the championships like OFSAA, etc. It also would be great if we could get a general timeline as to when recruitment and scouting starts for varsity teams so that we can play up that countdown.

  • Start collecting stories. A huge selling factor you have is that you’ve got all these really heartwarming, inspiring and captivating stories. Use those. Start collecting a list of individuals, like your high jumper, and shoot them over to me. We can easily turn these into a good news story that’ll definitely pick up good press for both you and the kids. Global, Huffington post, Narcity, CTV, The Sun, the National Post, Metro, and Now are all great avenues to go to that would be able to take up a good news editorial (especially if you do most of the leg work for them).

  • Break it down. Weeks are going to fly by - they always do. Since you’re looking to organize, start now. Start putting together a list of day themes that can help organize what you post and act as a bit of a schedule for people to look forward to. Think: #MotivationMondays (Where you focus on posting quotes, images and stories that inspire people), #TacticTuesdays (Where you focus on sharing tips and tricks for the advanced/beginner/intermediate _______ player), #WarmUpWednesdays (Where maybe you focus on sharing some of your or your favorite athlete’s warm up routines), #ThowbackThursday (this one’s a classic and will link you up with other people searching for the tag as well, but it’s also a great way to go back and shine some light on past Athlete Matrix - or Reid’s workouts- successes. People always love being reminded when they did great things and, as such, there’s a huge likelihood they’ll repost it), #FlashblackFriday or #FeatureFriday (If you’re looking for another excuse to post past wins, why not double the throwback Thursday with a flashback Friday and give yourself another chance to show past shines, if you want to take it a step further though you could turn Friday’s into Future Fridays where you showcase the future of whatever sport - like that kid you pointed out to us. Highlight who they are with a headshot, tell a bit of their story, maybe share a quote from them about how the Athlete Matrix has helped them develop into who they are now, and include some videos. You could continue with #ScholarshipSaturdays where you list some cool opportunities that are available for athletes, or some past ones that were won or garnered from opportunities or training you provided, and then finish with #SoulFoodSundays which would take a more holistic approach to the athletes, highlighting mindful meditation practices, sports psychology tips, mental wellness practices, etc.

  • Build these out. #FeatureFriday could be the one where there is the opportunity for kids to submit to be featured. Whether that’s by posting their daily workouts at the Athlete Matrix and tagging the facility, making a video explaining why they’d be great, being nominated by a friend (or nominating friends), or something else in between - so long as it’s posted and the facility is tagged you’ll gain the exposure and they can consider themselves entered.

    • To pump this out I’d suggest making a video of you explaining what it is/they are and pumping that out over the stories page as well as in a public post on your page, and then following it up with some quick and easy fun creatives (flyers) that you can pump out as the week goes on.

  • Brand those schools. Start reaching out to the schools around you - whether that’s the TDSB, Peel Region, or Private Schools - try to find their contact person to reach out to. A couple ideas on opportunities you can pitch are… a) sponsored opportunities for athletes - where they send their top athletes to your training facility for specific sports leadership training and athlete development that the kids can then bring back to their school b) sponsored opportunities for coaches, where you focus on offering Professional Development days for coaches (or even guidance counsellors) where they can come in, hone their skills, better their practices, and bring back both the knowledge gained, but also connection to the facility c) corporate partnerships where local schools can do their actual physical education program there during the day (thus maximizing your facility’s down time during the weekdays)

  • Let’s see that content. Having access to your already acquired creative content (photos/videos/etc) will allow me the chance to see exactly what we’re working with. Once I see how much/what we’ve got I can put together a bit of a better schedule for you that might work best for what you’re hoping to pump out. We’ll find optimal times to post that which you have and can maybe identify if there are any gaps that need to be filled. :)



  • Promote on your on page - sounds silly, but I bet a bunch of your audience doesn’t even realize you guys offer a really comprehensive hockey program (people are often really tunnelled into what they do and what they know) so putting our “Heck yeah we do hockey” refreshers is a great way to keep it top of mind for them. Even if they don’t tune into it, there’s a chance their friends might be looking for a program, and by keeping what services you offer fresh in your ambassadors mind, you’re much more likely to have them recommended.

  • Track the #’s. Obviously hashtags are the best way to find people who are interested in your sport. Follow the hashtags, target them, like the posts that come with it and comment on them if you can. Use the hashtags as your breadcrumbs to find your audience.

    Ones that come to mind would be: #CanadianHockey, #TorontoHockey, #CanadianGoalie, #OntarioHockeyCamp, #HockeyTraining, #Athletes, #OMHA, #OHLCup , #NHLBlues #TorontoMapleLeafs #LondonKnights #OHL, #aaaHockey, #aahockey, #NHL, #hockeytraining, #HockeyPlayer

  • Check out @OntarioMinorHockey’s instagram page. They don’t have a huge following, but what they do have is great engagement (often getting upwards of between 800-1200 likes per post - which is huge given their 9,552 following). Tag them in things - repost their posts, send them a DM with contests your offering or opportunities you’ve got. Even if you’re just sending them a quote, they might like it and repost it. Common internet etiquette dictates that they should tag you if they repost your content, and odds are they will if they do, so just keep sending them things and see what happens, could be an easy in.

  • DO OUTREACH. I’d probably put together a bit of a pitch flyer and a little blurb outlining what you do and maybe inviting teams for a trial train day/tour. Target the ones you know are in the right lane already and have the market.
    - Try some of these accounts: @BMHAColts (Barrie Minor Hockey), (erin-hillsburgh Minor Hockey league), @SDMHA_Blues (Stirling Minor Hockey), @Ayrflameshockey, @BramptonHockey, @OHFChampionship, @RichmondHillHockey, @OakvilleRangersHockeyClub,, @StGeorgeGenerals, @BurlingtonEaglesElite, @PeterboroughHockeyAssociation, @TheCoachesSite (#1 Online resource for hockey coaches), @Teamsnap (Hockey Coaches Conference), @HocekyShotStore ( a group that innovates hockey training to improve your game), @OHLOfficial, @PavelBarber (Stick handling specialist), @Gongshowgear (Popular hockey apparel company), @theHockeyHallofFame

    • Even if you’re just tagging some of these accounts in your posts, your post will then show up when people search posts that they’ve been tagged in and you’ll likely gain some new eyes even just from that.

  • Engagement Group - I’m still on these as they just work so well, no worries if they’re really not for you but if you really don’t want to hack into your internal network you could always set up a group with external (invite other accounts that might be relevant and appreciate it and introduce the concept in the opening message) typically some people will leave, but some will stay, and with that you’ll have the basis for your first group without having to feel like your calling in favours or pulling strings within your already established group of athletes).

  • PUBLICATION REACH OUT - Reach out to online and print publications that specifically target parents of hockey players. Ex.,,, OMHA Hometown Hockey Magazine, Hometown Hockey (the official magazine of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association), Hockey Now Magazine, etc. and either have them do a feature on you (offer to host them for a day to learn more about it, or write the article for them, if the main effort of the work is done odds are they’ll appreciate the content. Slight hack, pitch them the kids training at your facility rather than the facility itself, and you’ve got yourself an embedded ad that shouldn’t cost anything, but should still generate the exposure you need.

  • Double Back with the Gary Roberts website - he’s a big deal and if parents are googling programs and know what to look for, odds are they’ll hit his page. Right now though there’s no mention of the Athlete Matrix on it, and the affiliate program’s search just leads to a broken survey monkey link.



So we chatted a bunch about boosting your page and getting a little help to do it. I think an “insta-aid” or “bot” would be a great way to do that. You’ve got the content, it’s just a matter of jump starting the exposure so to speak. This method has a couple different perks, one being that it just makes your page look way more “official” and popular off the bat, and two being that by appearing more popular artificially, you’ll often find yourself starting to attract even more of an organic following as people often gravitate towards what others tell them to, and if others are telling them your page is cool, they’ll believe it! :)

The only real risk with enlisting the help of a program or bot is that instagram technically doesn't allow them, so you often have to use a service that either keeps things under the radar, or is less known. (*Full disclosure, IG claims to close any accounts caught using them, but from what I’ve heard they just delete the bot accounts they discover rather than deactivating the whole account - so you should be good).

There are two main ways services do this. 1) By having your page “auto-engage” or by “auto-engaging” your page.


TOP PICK: Fame You Name

Fame You Name is one of those funny under-the-table ones that doesn’t overtly advertise, but it is quite effective. It allows you to set how many likes/views/comments you’d like on each of your posts, and you can receive an unlimited amount of posts covered for a select duration of time. Ex. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. Anything you post within that time frame is guaranteed to not only be exposed to your own audience, but to receive any set amount of additional likes/views. Theirs rates are reasonable considering, and they work really effectively.

Last I checked an example of their VIP package would be $230 US for an additional 1000 likes on any post for 3 months (Plus at least an extra 1000 views on your stories/videos). It averages to about $2.55 a day for pretty decent engagement on unlimited posts a day, so it’s a pretty solid win. The bonus of this one is that it’s unlimited, so even if you post 2-4 times a day, you’re still guaranteed to receive that much engagement on everything you do. Double bonus - it’s low enough (and unknown enough) to still fly under instagrams engagement radar, so you shouldn’t be flagged at all for it.

(The site it pretty vague as it works off a referral basis with agents - I can get you connect to one if you want)

Best of Gram

Best of gram claims they help you genuinely grow your Instagram account - but they do it on a post by post basis - you you’d either pay them to boost whatever post you just made, or the next upcoming ones. The bonus of them is that they offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and have a variety of sized packages. Their Auto Instagram Likes package delivers your specified amount of new Instagram likes to your specified amount of new uploads, automatically. Rates for this look like $48 US for 200 likes on each of your next 20 posts.

Ex: You have chosen to receive 100 likes on your next 3 uploads. You then upload a new image one time over the next 3 days. Each day, you will receive 100 likes on those uploads instantly, with no order required. Once your 3 uploads have received likes, your BestofGram order will be completed, and you can choose to start a new Instagram Auto Likes order if you choose to do so. 


Social Captain

Social captain is probably one of the best and most efficient ones for this. This is one of those ones that you pick your audience, and hashtags that pertain to you and let the bot do the rest. Bonus is it has a free trial, so it’s an easy no commitment necessary option.

30 days - $39/month (US) for their regular management

$99/month (US) for their turbo 10x boosted one

Other options are Social Sensei (for $45 a month)
or InstagramBotFollower (Newer/cheaper company better for a shoestring budget)

… more to come

As with all things, these are all merely suggestions - depending exactly on what you want and need things can definitely be adjusted.
Just let me know what works for you and we'll find a way to make it happen.

For any questions, comments, or concerns don't hestitate to reach out to me at:

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