As a model, teacher, motivational speaker, and life enthusiast, I pride myself on having a strong and reputable personal brand that inspires as much as it empowers.

Having spent the past year working diligently growing my own social platform along with those of numerous clients and affiliates, I've seen first hand the positive impact that can come from meaningful social marketing and proper branding. With so many people plugged in on the daily, the impact of influencer, athlete, and social marketing is huge and it's my job to help you tap into that. 


Adobe Suite | Web Design | Branding | Styling | Creative Direction | Management | Photography | Leadership building | Community Integration



At the moment my own personal network stands at 41.7k followers, with over 254,400 impressions a week. It's neat because as the network grows I've found that so does the engagement, community involvement, and impact. Through my own community service as well as through the SKYN network (an online magazine I co-founded that has a 327k network of it’s own) I've been able to reach out and speak to thousands of people nation wide about a wide variety of issues, topics, and causes. I honestly never expected I'd be able to make such an impact, but lo-and-behold, here we are, and I couldn't be more grateful. Now I find myself coaching others on self-confidence, career development, and self esteem, managing social marketing, modeling, designing, and acting as a national ambassador for some pretty neat brands such as Skechers, Spareparts, Blu-dot beverages, Jean Machine, and Hakim Optical to name a few. 


I don't regram. I create. 

Forget regramming old content, I specialize in taking your product and lifting it to new heights through creating customized content that speaks directly to your audience. 

It's not just about creating content, it's about creating a strong brand identity, a branded community, and brand loyalty. It's not just about creating content, it's about creating content that's going to resonate, entice, and engage your target market ensuring that you don't just gain followers, you actually gain customers. You don’t just outfit people with gear, you unite a community of likeminded individuals.










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Clients, Affiliates, & Networks




what they say

"It's always a pleasant experience working with the team at SKYN Magazine. They're always a step ahead of me when executing any promotional work and features. The impact that they make as a publication is directly in line with why business at LD WEST is booming, and it's why I keep putting projects in their hands"
- Luis Marin, Public & Client Relations, LD West.

"Working with SKYN has been great. Eames and Ashley did an awesome shoot with our product. We will keep sending over pieces for review due to the quality of the press release + quality of content we received back to reuse." 
- Zaid McGovern, Marketing Spinnaker Watches, 

"We contacted Ashley via instagram and were extremely grateful with her amazing ideas and support of our brand and its causes to help others. We think we got great exposure from SKYN magazine and would love to work again."
- John Wright, Director, Lyfe Watches

"You could use all of the best words in the dictionary synonymous to 'amazing' to describe Ashley Hassard, and still not get the full picture. She is genuinely caring, hard-working, motivational, and simply someone you want on your team. If you can track her down to work with you on a project, you know it will be a big success. This girl is going places." 
- LEILA, Co-Founder & Chief Partnerships Officer at Fitset

"Over the course of the past two years, I had the unique benefit of working alongside Ashley in several capacities. Ashley has been relied on by Me to We's China team to lead diverse groups of students through volunteer service experiences, speech and confidence strengthening workshops, as well as strategic reporting for the expansion of our programs across the country. To state that Ashley has been a beneficial addition to the team in China would be an understatement. Her energy, enthusiasm and leadership qualities have proven to be an unparalleled force that we are so fortunate to have support us. As one of the strongest team players I have had the opportunity to worked with, I do not hesitate for moment in providing Ashley with a strong recommendation to any of the causes she may choose in the future."  - ROB PALMER, Director of Leadership Programs at Me to We


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Let's face it, creating and innovating is a full time job. Now try to imagine creating, innovating, AND showcasing!
Now, that's just silly. Then again, so is doing all that hard work and not being able to show it off to the world.

That's where I come in.

Let me take on the "humble brag" for you. Whether it's honoring your existing partnerships, showcasing what you're doing or helping you attract new great things to do, there's plenty that can come from having a curated digital front, and I'm here to help make make it possible. 



  • Showcase Adidas Brand

  • Showcase Tango Brand

  • Create Swag players WANT to wear

  • Develop brand loyalty

  • Find unique ways to customize player gear

  • Create New Content

  • Generate Brand Awareness


At adidas you have a winning culture, based off of the premise that physical power is not enough. Just like the athletes that represent you, your employees need mental strength in their game, and your products need to not just be durable, but resilient.

Following the 3C’s of Adidas Culture, I am to design a pant for the TANGO Soccer program that doesnt just represent ‘confidence, collaboration, and creativity’, but that embodies it.

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Possible ways to Customize them on-site:


  • Customize inside of band: What I’d do for this one is to have someone come in who can stictch customizable names/logos/numbers/teams on the inside of the band itself. Think Calvin Klein underwear style. The stitching could either be done rightside up to be able to be showcased outward, or possibly upside down so players could have it as a secret badge of honour, that they could then flip over and showcase if they chose to.

  • Customized Leg Wrap: Swap the slogan and go for a more unique vibe by having players choose what they have printed on the leg wrap. Whether it’s their last name, their number, their team, or their own Soccer mantra, being able to print their own vibe would be a great way for them to own their identity on their Adidas.


  • Customized external pocket label: Customization is made super easywith this super do-able customized long or short label. Simple have a series of fabric labels set aside that players can line up and have their names/numbers/mottos sewn into, and then have that same tailor/seamstress sew that newly made label either right below the pocket or along the lining of the pocket itself.

  • Customized internal pocket label/print: Taking a cue from Lululemon amd Mat & Nat who often print secret phrases or slogans on the inside of their goods, you could easily have someone come in either either a fabric laser engraving or a screen printer, and have them print or laser on whatever personalization you’d like onto the inside of the pocket itself (think the inside of the pocket, where the white line would be on the first image below). These “hidden messages” are a fun and stealth way to really increase athlete and influencer satisfaction by really making them feel valued and important, but not in an overly flashy way. It’s a cool, undercover way to add a little secret touch to your apparel without a whole lot of work.

… here’s an example of the laser engraving I’m thinking of. Super fast. Super easy. Super reasonable.

As with all things in life, things can be tailored, modified, adjusted, or swapped. Just let me know what you like and we’ll make it happen.

For any questions, comments, or concerns don't hestitate to reach out to me at:

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